Monday, January 16, 2012

Escape From Zion: Whistler

The 2011-2012 season has been one of thinnest I've ever seen. All across the inter mountain West, from Tahoe to Colorado, there has been minimal snowfall. To escape the grim state of things in Utah, I made a quick trip to Whistler with fellow Surface guys Eliel Hindert and Jordan Seldin. The trip was brief and I ended up tweaking my knee pretty hard a few days in, but it was worth it - it always is.

Nice to see some snow again. Photo: Andrew Strain.
We toured around and ended up finding some really good snow in the back country. The avalanche danger was high, so we kept it to fairly mellow terrain. Check out these pretty photos courtesy of Whistler photo wizard Andrew Strain.

Pillow Country. Photo: Andrew Strain.

Me finding the end of a fun little pillow line. Photo: Andrew Strain.
Eliel plunging into glory. Photo: Andrew Strain.


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