Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mount Baker!

After living the good life in Canada for 3 weeks on the Surface Demo Tour, I decided to hop on a greyhound and head to Mount Baker, Washington, to meet up with Paul Kimbrough, Carston Oliver, and Jay Beyer. I've wanted to experience the Pacific Northwest for a long time, and was grateful to finally get the chance. I was also extremely fortunate to be there with such an awesome crew and good conditions.

Paul is a Baker local and Carston has been making trips there for years, so with them as our guides Jay and I got to see some awesome things. Our first day there we were greeted with a rare blue sky and got to work on some shooting. I've been shooting a lot with Jay Beyer this season, and was stoked to go work with him in new terrain. Check out some of the pics we got.

When the conditions are good in Baker, the skiing is amazing.When the conditions are bad, it's almost unskiable. Being in such close proximity to the ocean, the snow can turn from fluffy powder into rainy mash potatoes pretty fast. Heavy PNW snow is difficult to ski when you grow up skiing light density Utah powder. I got to experience both extremes and was grateful for the good days.

Big thanks to Paul for all the hospitality and to Jay Beyer for the photos! Check out his website

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